Sales Specialist

New York, NY, USA

Job Type

Full Time


Our legal practice is seeking to hire a highly professional Sales Specialist to join our boutique special education law firm. The Sales Specialist will be responsible for acting as the primary point of contact for potential new clients (PNCs) interested in our firm’s legal services. The Sales Specialist will also be responsible for serving as a brand ambassador and informing others in the special needs community about our law firm’s services.

Candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent, as well as 2-3 years of sales experience. Candidate should have excellent communication, interpersonal, and writing skills. Candidate must be highly organized, diligent, and deadline oriented with the ability to organize multiple deadlines in a fast-paced environment. The Sales Specialist must be confident, articulate, diplomatic, yet willing to speak frankly to the PNC when needed with high emotional intelligence. The Sales Specialist must be able to bring PNCs to the point of signing an engagement letter with the Firm. The Sales Specialist must be self-motivating and self-directed to achieve his/her professional goals and the Firm’s goals.

We are also seeking candidates who are the right fit for our office culture. Candidates must be passionate about helping children with special needs, about collaborating with team members to fulfill a mission that is bigger than ourselves, about achieving professional and personal growth, and about building our law firm so that we can reach as many families as possible. Our team members care about getting to know each other, learning about each other’s interests, celebrating happy occasions, growing together professionally and personally, and helping each other feel supported through difficult times. We care deeply about what our clients are going through and we go overboard to keep clients informed. Our Firm is a place where everyone’s ideas are heard. We are constantly looking to improve the way we operate and suggestions for innovations and improvements are always welcome. Our Firm encourages a warm, pleasant, and sociable atmosphere, and values open and honest interpersonal communication, differences of opinion, creativity, respect for others, and trust and support.

Job Expectations:

  • Meeting with potential new clients for initial consultations, and working with Owner of the firm to assess merits of potential new clients’ claims

  • Attending professional development workshops to hone skills pertaining to the intake process and to understand the special education law landscape.

  • Identifying and participating in outreach/networking opportunities on the firm’s behalf.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Collect more in-depth information about the PNCs and the matters for which they are seeking the Firm’s help.

  • Follow Firm-prescribed guidelines on how to communicate with PNCs in the most effective manner.

  • Assure the PNCs that the Firm’s attorneys and staff will be able to help them.

  • Show compassion for their troubles.

  • Help the PNC see the difference between working with the Firm and not working with the Firm.

In accordance with the ethical rules governing lawyers, the Sales Specialist will not provide legal advice, quote a fee, or enter into an engagement with a client. Rather, the Sales Specialist will prepare prospective clients for entering into an engagement with the final documents approved and signed by a licensed attorney.

The selected candidate must be able to keep detailed records about the number of PNCs that contact the Firm, the number that come in for initial consultations, and the number that actually engage the Firm.

The Sales Specialist will also be responsible to stay in contact with PNCs that do not sign up after their initial consultation to keep the door open for them to hire the Firm when they are ready. Those PNCs who do hire the Firm will usually receive a minimum of two follow-up calls from the Sales Specialist to check in on their satisfaction and progress with their legal matter. This is for quality assurance.


  • Attentive listening

  • Punctuality

  • Weekend and evening hours when necessary to complete work assignments

  • Appropriate and professional email and phone etiquette with PNCs, colleagues, and third parties

  • Recording data and meeting minimum intake/sales requirements

  • Proposing ideas for innovations, improvements, and efficiencies

  • Complying with Employee Handbook and office protocols at all times


Earning potential of $200,000 for the right individual who is focused on meeting all of their key performance indicators. Skills and experience are required and valued but personality, character, intelligence, and integrity will be paramount considerations. High-maintenance, humorless, self-entitled, or self-important individuals will not succeed in this position and need not apply. This position is a more than a job. For the right candidate, it is a career. A generous benefits package is offered.

How to Apply:

Send a cover letter and resume to In your cover letter, please tell us why you are the person we are looking for. In the subject line of your email, please include your last name then first name spelled backwards along with the position. If you do not follow the instructions correctly, you will not receive a response from our hiring team.

About the Company

Founded in 2009, the Law Offices of Adam Dayan helps children with special needs receive a quality education.

Our firm predominantly focuses on representing parents of children with special needs in pursuing appropriate educational programs and services for their children under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Our firm is also dedicated to enforcing the rights of individuals who may have viable claims under the Americans with Disability Act, Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act, and/or other applicable law.